Fast Forward

Fast Forward is a new story which I am planning to write. Well its more about writing ¬†which has not taken place. I wanted something which didn’t happened because I have never taken any step for it to happen. So this story is basically a framework and runs as it should in my way. Advertisements Continue reading Fast Forward

Roses are beautiful. Well this is a universal truth. But still it is not blessed with keeping its beauty forever. One day it starts losing its leaves, it also gets wrinkles and its petals starts shedding. Love is not about exclusive possession. If you are looking for exclusive possession the be sure it’s not love. … Continue reading

Being a writer is something which anyone can’t teach you. It comes with life, it gets bigger with love and nurtures with great care…You will definitely loose this writer in yourself if you stop. You may lose it if you stop writing, You may lose it if you don’t think but you will definitely lose … Continue reading

There is a lot to TEST in life but if we are too busy testing everything then we are left with no as such Life. Sometimes we may feel alone, sometimes may be bad and sometimes may be disheartening. But this sometimes leaves such deep impact in our life that we fail to live the … Continue reading